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How Corporations Can Benefit from Private Club Memberships

The business world has greatly changed over the last few decades, but the era of cutting deals in social settings outside the boardroom is still alive and well. Business isn’t just a series of transactions. It’s about relationships. And, nothing helps a corporation build connections with its employees and customers like the exclusive experiences and amenities available in private clubs. Club memberships have long been considered a sound corporate investment. The perks can benefit not only employees but, oftentimes, the business’s bottom line as well.

Benefits of a Private Club


Since the dawn of corporate deal-making, these benefits have kept corporations interested in private clubs, but until recently, a company’s go-to membership options were limited to traditional country clubs or private lounges. Over the last few years, the business world has experienced rapid change, and not all of these old school clubs have changed with it. The Register is a new kind of private social club for the modern business. In addition to traditional private club benefits, The Register also offers:



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