Nashville Member Benefits: Our Experience Specialists

Nashville Member Benefits: Our Experience Specialists

The Register offers numerous benefits that enhance our members’ personal and professional lives. The perk our members are raving about? Our Experience Specialists—experts who hear your needs, anticipate your wants, and make them happen.

Here’s what you need to know.

What Can an Experience Specialist Do for Me?  

 Our Experience Specialists are here to make your life easier, while also kicking it up a notch. Think concierge, but instead of making dinner reservations, they design entire experiences for you and your guests. 

Your Experience Specialist can accommodate almost anything. Here are a few examples of ways they can help.

      Planning a Night Out on The Town—If you and your friends or business partners are looking for a memorable night out, your Experience Specialist can book the entire night, beginning to end. They take care of transportation, food, drinks, entertainment, and hotels, anticipating your every need along the way and adding special touches to your evening.

      Booking a Luxury Trip—Need to get away? Your Experience Specialist will make it happen. Domestic or international, they plan the luxury experience that you’ve been dreaming about. Tell them when you want to go, and they take care of the rest.

      Organizing an Event—Plan an event your guests will rave about. Our Experience Specialists help you leave a lasting impression on your friends, colleagues, and clients.

      Finding a Specialty Item or Service—Our Experience Specialists know their city like the back of their hands. Whatever you need, they’ll go great lengths to find it for you. They can set up a class, find a product, organize a unique experience—you name it, they’ll make it happen.

How Can I Use an Experience Specialist to My Advantage?

This service is so dynamic that it can be used to achieve multiple goals. Here are a few benefits of working with an Experience Specialist that our members love the most.

      Entertaining a Client or Business Partner—In business, you’re always looking for ways to stand out from the pack. Your Experience Specialist is your secret weapon. We can organize an unforgettable experience that ranges from a unique dinner and entertainment to a retreat on a tropical island.

      Getting Away from Work—When it’s time for a break, you don’t want to spend your precious downtime planning your next getaway. Your Experience Specialist will plan everything from the moment you walk out of your front door until the moment you arrive home.

      Celebrating Big Wins—You work hard, so you deserve to play hard, right? We think so. Whatever you’re celebrating, we know how to make it special. Our Experience Specialists take luxury to the next level, organizing a celebration like you’ve never seen. 

Aren’t sure if the service you need is within the realm of possibility?  Reach out to The Register to learn more about our Experience Specialists and other member-exclusive benefits.


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