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The Importance of The Register’s Experience Specialists

Anyone who regularly stays at luxury hotels knows that one of the most desirable perks is the concierge service. A good concierge can provide guests with access to exclusive events and opportunities with little advance notice. Utilizing the specialized local knowledge of a concierge can turn an ordinary trip into an extraordinary one. The Register’s concierge services offer members exclusive, unparalleled opportunities unlike any other club through the assistance of a dedicated Experience Specialist. Our distinguished members are no strangers to luxury. And now, through our Experience Specialists, members will receive even easier access to extravagant amenities.

What Is an Experience Specialist?

Every location of The Register employs an elite group of Experience Specialists who assist members in acquiring the best experiences available in their area. These Experience Specialists can book travel, make reservations, and connect members to an abundance of opportunities available exclusively through The Register.

Experience Specialists are experts within their cities, with intimate knowledge of the hidden gems and hottest spots in each neighborhood and suggestions about where to go and what to do. They are able to secure tickets to sporting events or reservations at the most sought after restaurants and bars in each city. Even outside of their home cities, The Register’s Experience Specialists will utilize their networks of knowledge to access experiences for members that would otherwise be unavailable.

What Opportunities Do Experience Specialists Provide to Members?

The Register’s Experience Specialists offer common concierge services and exceed expectations by arranging out-of-the-ordinary, extravagant, and luxurious experiences. Experience Specialists will help members arrange events within any of The Register’s locations. If you have a big meeting, let one of our Experience Specialists prepare the conference room to make it a success. If you want to impress new clients or partners, our Experience Specialists can help make their visit to The Register one that they won’t forget. All in all, our Experience Specialists take the effort out of planning and entertainment, so you can kick back and enjoy yourself.

What Makes Experience Specialists Unique?

Unlike a typical concierge service, our Experience Specialists cater specifically to The Register’s business-minded clientele. Experience Specialists take the guesswork out of entertaining clients and guests by getting to know each member’s company culture, industry, and clientele and matching these aspects with a wide variety of opportunities. Like everything at The Register, booking through our Experience Specialists also allows you to process payment by traditional methods or through the blockchain.   

Memberships to The Register are limited. If you’re ready to get access to your own city’s Experience Specialists, contact us today.

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