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The Register Finds a Home in Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee, has always been popular, but its rise to greater fame over the past decade has caught the attention of individuals and companies worldwide. With its booming job market, diverse cultural scene, and professional sports hub, Music City has become a highly-sought-after tourist destination, in addition to being one of the most desirable places to relocate.

Little Big Town

All of these factors and more contributed to Nashville being the launching pad city for The Register—the world’s first brick-and-mortar social club where members can make purchases and off-market investment opportunities through the use of the blockchain. “With Nashville, you get the best of a big city with a small town feel,” says Barron Solomon, Principal at The Register. “Even with all the changes from the past 15 years, Nashville still feels small but with a lot to offer in its music scene, pro sports teams, and overall forward-thinking energy,” he adds.

As an upscale downtown club, The Register-Nashville will offer exclusive experiences true to Music City for its guests, all handled through its Experience Specialists who connect these unparalleled opportunities available solely for members. From booking travel to entertainment both in and out of Nashville, the Experience Specialists allow you to relax and let them take care of all the footwork. What’s truly unique for The Register-Nashville’s members is the ability to purchase these luxuries and experiences with cash, credit card, or even through the use of the blockchain. The Register-Nashville’s members will also have access to off-market investment opportunities and the ability for members to network and learn with a class of successful business professionals who are connected in the greater community.

Planting Roots in Nashville

As Nashville is home to The Register’s founders and principals Tillman Holloway and Barron Solomon, it also made sense for The Register’s root system to be planted within reach of home. “With the booming market in Nashville and so many people moving to Nashville, it was a no-brainer for The Register to recruit and launch in Nashville,” says Holloway.

In the heart of Downtown Nashville within walking distance to the Nissan Stadium, Bridgestone Arena, and “The District,” members of The Register-Nashville will be able to make those big business deals in one of the comfortable private call rooms or plug in at a sleek workstation. Members will also be able to enjoy top-of-the-line amenities, such as a full-service bar, a cigar lounge, and incredible views of the Nashville skyline from a rooftop bar. The Register-Nashville also has a conference room that’ll make an impression for your next presentation.

“With Nashville being my home, I love the thought of having a community of individuals who are of like mind and motivation and want to get every ounce out of life possible connected together through The Register. It’s exciting to think about the collaborative potential The Register-Nashville will provide for making life infinitely better for its members,” says Solomon.

Ready to Join The Register-Nashville?

While other clubs saddle their members with big monthly membership dues, limited service, outdated experiences, and geographic limitations, The Register is a different social club for a different time. Limited memberships are available, so contact us today to learn more.

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