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THIRDHOME: An Innovative Partnership for Luxury Residence Owners

The Register is excited to announce our partnership with THIRDHOME. THIRDHOME is a premier travel collective for individuals who share a love of adventure and exploration. THIRDHOME’s members seek the best experiences in all areas of their lives, and where they vacation is no exception. With access to unique luxury residences and curated journeys all over the globe, THIRDHOME provides its members with a home away from home—wherever they choose to travel.

By bringing together an exclusive group of world travelers, THIRDHOME offers members access to residences with every amenity imaginable. This group of trusted second homeowners use THIRDHOME Exchange to proffer time at an unused residence and gain access to other member’s residences all around the world. THIRDHOME Rentals provides a gated space for owners to list their home for use while they’re away. THIRDHOME Adventures offers members cultivated and bespoke journeys in high-demand locations everywhere.

A Truly Unique Opportunity

Our partnership with THIRDHOME offers members of The Register a complimentary membership. Members of The Register often have high-value real estate in enviable locations. But, when they’re pulled between work and play, these residences can sit empty for weeks or even months. Most owners of second homes are deeply generous people, often offering up their residences to like-minded travelers, friends, and relatives.

THIRDHOME offers a way to connect with an even larger group of travelers who exchange time at their properties for access to others. Although they’re comfortable, staying in luxury hotels isn’t always the best way to experience a location. It can serve as a barrier to getting to know the locality. Staying in the residence of a local resident can bring you closer to understanding the setting. When you’re staying at a home where someone’s invested in high-end furnishings and all the amenities, you can have a five-star hotel experience with a personal touch. It can make you feel like a native in any city in the world.

You can exchange with confidence, knowing your hosts and your guests share the same values and dedication to exploration that you do. THIRDHOME Exchange offers you access to private islands, exclusive compounds, and unparalleled natural wonders. From the busiest cities in the world to bastions of solitude and reflection, THIRDHOME members own every type of getaway. Make a vacation or a business trip a deeply memorable excursion. Whatever you’re looking for—and wherever you’re looking—you’ll find it through THIRDHOME.

Access You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

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