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The Register is more than just a private club. It’s the world’s first private club environment where today’s business world can receive unmatched experiences and access to a community unlike any other, with exclusive access to off-market opportunities and the ability to transact with, invest in, and learn about the blockchain.

What Makes The Register Unique?

Not only is The Register distinct in its modern, upscale private club atmosphere,
but these specifically-unique differentiators set us apart:

Upscale Downtown Club Environment

Members of The Register will experience a sophisticated design with elegant and comfortable surroundings that includes a specialty coffee bar, a full bar, a TV room, table space, a spread of tapas-style snacks, and a cigar lounge that is accompanied by access to a private, humidity-controlled cigar locker.

Exclusive Experiences

Members of The Register are accomplished individuals with access to the finest luxuries in life. Access to these exclusive opportunities is arranged through our Experience Specialists, who connect these unparalleled opportunities available exclusively to our members. Book travel, get tickets to sporting or entertainment events…anything you want…with cash, credit card, or even through the use of the blockchain. Relax, and let our Experience Specialists handle all the details.

Off-Market Investment Opportunities

Members have exclusive access to rare off-market opportunities, including fractional real estate ownership alongside other members of The Register.

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Accommodations & Amenities

At The Register, you’ll receive unmatched experiences and access to a community unlike any other.

Exclusivity A private club that houses a bar, coffee bar, cigar lounge, meeting and relaxation space, and workspace

Community A community of successful business professionals who are connected in the greater community with opportunities for networking and learning

Location Access to multiple locations across the U.S., each tailored to its city and located in prime business districts

Convenience Ability to purchase all club-related services and experiences through cash, credit card, or even through the use of blockchain.

Concierge Access to our Experience Specialists who will arrange all your needs and desires, from high-profile reservations to once-in-a-lifetime worldwide experiences

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Join The Register today and receive $1,000 upfront allowance to spend however you like through the club’s Experience Specialists.

Members of The Register also enjoy:

  • Access to an exclusive community of knowledgeable peers
  • Frictionless purchases with $USD, BTC, or LTC with a personalized crypto wallet
  • Hi-tech, contemporary, private, and collaborative workspaces
  • Unique environments for work and play

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